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AIR is an independently owned niche consultancy, run by Angela Irvine, having had a very successful career in recruitment. Angela decided to set up her own consultancy to amalgamate her experiences. Angela Irvine Refocus, “AIR” offers one to one coaching and group training sessions to individuals and companies.

Over the years, AIR has worked with many individuals who were unaware of their potential, by re-focussing on their capabilities and improving their self belief they have made great changes to their lives.

AIR’s approach is to work with you and your individual needs, by making adjustments to you and your business culture i.e. how you think, act, talk and behave individually or within a team, we can make the difference to your outcome.

By understanding how to improve confidence, presentation skills, to be aware of sales patterns, how to create relationships and how to build rapport the results achievable on a personal or business level can be incredible.

We all have within us the ability to make changes, it is recognising what it is that is preventing us and replacing out thoughts with a positive behaviour.

AIR can help you find out how you personally or your business can benefit from making changes that will transform behaviour and communication to achieve greater results.

Specialising in communication and relationships AIR is the way forward!



Realise what is preventing you or your business from moving forward, let AIR help you discover your inner potential to grow, increase your vision, your will power and your determination.

“My confidence in business has been released, I realised how I was suppressing my ability to deliver presentations and it was limiting my opportunities. I now believe I can speak clearly and engage interest, I am seeing the results and gaining greater recognition within my company.


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